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Why Web App Testing?

  • Disaster recovery
  • Data integrity
  • Privacy and data security
  • Compliance with standards
  • Live upgrades
  • Server Security
  • API Response
  • Application/network security
  • Poor performance
  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • Load management
  • Optimization

Type of Testing

Database testing

Web database testing covers whether database queries are executing correctly, data integrity and errors while executing queries to retrieve data.

Interface Testing

Interface testing includes the interactions between the web server and application server, application server and database server; are executed and errors are handled properly.

Browser compatibility

Browser compatibility covers UI functionality and performance of web application over different browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, AOL, Safari, Opera browsers with different versions.

OS compatibility

OS compatibility is also necessary to make sure that your web application is also compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Unix, MAC, Linux, Solaris etc with different OS flavors.

Web load testing

Web load testing covers system's sustainability in peak load time when many users are accessing or requesting the same page so that web app can handle simultaneous user requests, large input data and simultaneous connection to DB.

Security Testing

The main purpose of security testing is to protect your business from cyber attacks. SWATico aims to give you best protection for your product such as security assessment, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing and static code analysis.

Mobile App Testing

  • Network Connectivity

    Network connectivity includes testing application functionality in different networks, different connection speed and under low connection quality.

  • Compatibility Testing

    Compatibility testing ensures the compatibility of your software with different platforms and web browsers and helps to find out its performance.

  • Usability Testing

    User experience is key for apps to be accepted by end users. Usability testing covers usability problems such as Check usability issues, navigation and content.

  • swatico-functional-testing-services
    Functional Connectivity

    Functional testing includes interface testing, smoke testing, system testing, integration testing regression testing and acceptance testing.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance testing includes load testing, stress testing, volume testing, scalability testing, stability testing and configuration testing.

  • 3rd Party Interruptions

    Incoming calls, charging, turning Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and location on/off; can interrupt application functions and are called 3rd party interruption.

Desktop App Testing

We aim to follow the latest trends in desktop application testing and development so as to provide you with the foremost appropriate and vanguard solutions.


With our desktop application testing services you will gain the following benefits:

If you want your desktop application to be at the top position in the IT market you must make sure that it'll be tested in an exceedingly right and thorough manner. Our skilled consultants will assist you to decide on the foremost applicable kind of desktop application testing and our toughened testers can assist you to perform it by the most effective means.

  • Integrity in security standards.
  • Assurance of high quality.
  • Compatible with the latest trend
  • Assured stability for all OS.

QA Consulting

SWATico stands out among different software testing consulting corporations by its result-driven and practice-oriented approach. Our software testing consulting services are supported by real expertise only, thus, theoretical and active skills are inextricably connected.

Testing Assessments

Get an expert helping hand in assessing software testing methods.

General Consulting

Your testing concepts into life with minimum prices and most qualified.

Competitive Rates

Fixed transparent and affordable pricing that's always competitive.

Latest Methodologies

e.g., Scrum, Continuous Integration, Test-Driven Development

4-Step Solution

  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Analyze workflow practices
  • Plan and work out solutions
  • Think around ideas
  • Establish a roadmap
  • Implement new solutions
  • Monitor the process
  • Guide & support

Benefits of QA Consulting

If you continue to have doubts whether or not you wish software testing consulting services or not, then make sure to envision up the subsequent advantages of such services:

  • Transparent and measurable IT processes
  • Infrastructure setup and optimization (tracking systems, testing environment)
  • Closer and more effective collaboration between QA, development, business units
  • Improved software testing strategy
  • Clear understanding of project costs and more precise budget planning
  • Work environment tailored to your business operations and processes
  • Fewer human failures and communication issues; improved work efficiency
  • Optimized development and QA efforts and costs

QA Documentation

Testing documentation consists of evidence documents that should be maintained before or during the process of software testing. Documentation during the testing process helps to maintain the testing area, testing requirement, and testing methodologies. Documentation is an essential part of testing which makes it more systematic and accurate. A well-defined documentation is a key to testing success. This documentation usually consists of evidence during testing such as Test Plan, Test Scenario, Test Case and Traceable Matrix.


Test Plan

It comprises of the coverage, methods and responsibilities which specifies the attributes that will be tested. It also outlines the methods and strategies that will be used to implement testing along with the roles and tasks of each team member while testing a product.


Test Scenario

It ensures that end to end functionality of an application is working as per the expectations during testing. Tester acts as an end user and performs all the required actions to make sure that there is no bug and also checks that all the flaws are working as expected.


Test Case

The Test case is set of rules and provisions under which tester will determine the behavior of app and ensures that its features are working as they were originally established. It includes whether an application, software system or one of its features is working as expected.


Traceable matrix

Traceable matrix is used to trace requirements of specific functions, design and code documents together with test plan. Also known as RTM( Requirement Traceability Matrix), it makes sure the software is developed as per the mentioned requirements and is bug free.

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