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Testing process

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.


Functional Testing

Interface Testing

Ensures that end user never encounter a problem while using a software and it is enriched with intuitive interface

Acceptance Testing

Comprises of series of different tests whose purpose is to check the system's compliance with its specified requirements

System Testing

is actually a series of different tests whose main purpose is to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements

Smoke Testing

Initial testing to verify the "stability" of the system in order to proceed with further rigorous testing

Regression Testing

Regression testing makes sure that there are no new bugs due to changes made in development process

Integration Testing

Integration testing involves testing of each individual code to verify interaction between various software components

Performance Testing

Load Testing

Evaluates performance of software under real-time loads

Volume Testing

Evaluates software productivity and performance under varying database volume

Stability Testing

Determines the stability of application under varying loads

Stress Testing

Identifies the breaking point of an application and how it handles high traffic or data processing

Security Testing


Security testing plays a vital role in testing. This is because while developing a solution some flaws might remain in the security mechanism which can cause tremendous loss to the product solution. So, security testing is done to identify the potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses and take effective measures to resolve them.

Most importantly, security testing helps us to identify viruses, detects external intrusions, checks for open ports and other visible points of attack etc. It is done using various tools and methodologies by creating relevant test cases. The tests have different strength and are combined to produce efficient statistics about a solution. Integrity, authorization, passwords, links etc. are all considered while performing security testing.

White Box

Helps penetration testers and security testers to conduct vulnerabilities assessment and attacks.

Grey Box

Partial information is given to the tester about the system, and it is a hybrid of white and black box models

Black Box

Tester is authorized to perform testing on network topology and the technology

Usability Testing

Usability testing helps to see the world through customer's eye and it determines whether an app is Useful, Findable, Accessible and Desirable

A 360-degree View on Your Application's Usability

The main purpose of usability testing is to satisfy user and it includes following parameters:


Navigation should be very less and easy. Screen/pages of your application/website must have Uniform format


No outdated or incorrect data address should be present and No broken links should be present

User Friendliness

Application controls should be easy to understand and Icons used should be used to guide user

Compatibility Testing

Complete application compatibility with SWATico software testing services

Your Ideal Application Should Be 100% Compatible With


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Localization Testing


users prefer obtaining info in their native language


users spend most of their time on sites in their language


Fortune 500 localize to increase their audience number


ROI for every dollar invested in product localization

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