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Testing Aapproach

Strategies and Approaches used to test a particular product


SWATico is always out to combine the advantages and best practices of all of the methodologies we use. We focus on creating an efficient, transparent, predictable, and controllable process.

  • Face-to-face communication is a must
  • Response to changes is more important than strict compliance with a plan
  • Changes are always welcome
  • Scrum is the most popular and common Agile approach used specifically to manage software development process.
  • One of the Agile methodologies, Scrum process aims at swift and effective
Waterfall Model
  • Face-to-face communication is a must
  • Response to changes is more important than strict compliance with a plan
  • Changes are always welcome

Automated Testing

At SWATico our testing team handles the automated testing along with manual testing process in order to improve the quality of your product. SWATico testers use different types of a framework for automated testing and find out different bugs and errors which were not discovered by manual testing or human tester. Automated testing comes into play when manual testing doesn't meet the expectations. SWATico provides the best automated testing solution to deliver a good quality product to your customers.

Automated Mobile Testing

SWATico team uses efficient tools for automated mobile testing and make sure to deliver on time and high quality QA service.

Web Application Automated Testing

In web application automated testing our team investigates specific features of the system for its safety to prevent data leakage and errors in functionality and usability.

Desktop Application Automated Testing

Desktop application automated testing improves the manual testing process and reduce time of testing within the budget.

Automated Regression Testing

Automated Regression testing is an integral part of testing process aims to reveal most of the bugs that were not fixed in the previous stage of testing.

Manual Testing

At SWATico our testers are always ready to take the opportunity to test your product manually before delivering it to your customers. Our testers play a role of a daily user of your product and find out the bugs and error manually so that you can deliver a bug-free and quality product to your customers and hence keeping your reputation good among your business competitors.

What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is the process of testing software or application manually with hands. A tester works as a daily user of software or application in order to ensure that product is properly working. Tester finds defects and error without using any tool. Manual testing should always be done before automated testing. Manual testing is more effective to know the user experience about the graphical user interface and stability of your product. Manual testing checks the quality of the product by ensuring that it is bug and error free product.

Benefits of Manual Testing
  • Less time required
  • Limited cost
  • Easy to learn and handle
  • More reliable than automation testing
  • Used for small and big projects
  • Test case update test case

Testing Process

Testing process i.e. quality assurance process includes different phase which includes planning, designing, implementing, executing and evaluation. We perform each step very carefully to handle and remove all the error and bugs from respective application. All the phases of the testing process are as under:


Inception phase consists of an examination of all the documentation and terms of testing and creating fundamental project plans to evaluate the project feasibility, its cost, the time required and volume.


Elaboration phase begins with a detailed and precise plan. The basic implementations of this phase are the development of test case, test matrixes and checklists required for next phase of testing.


We continue implementing techniques that were designed in the previous phase and proceed to EXECUTION and thus finally get EVALUATION of testing process. This phase is largest and most time consuming phase because direct testing of "live" project and most of the iterations take place here.


This phase is actually not a part of software testing but still, it is very important phase. Most of the time is spent to improve the quality of product and all documentation. In this stage QA department works with the marketing department in order to promote the product with positive results.

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