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Inbound Calls

We offer wide range of following Inbound Call Center Services:


Because of this, most inbound call centers are client service targeted. Customers can call into these kinds of call centers whenever they want help with the merchandise or service they focus on.

SWATico call center has solid inbound call center solution. Its agents are skilled and expert to answer phones 24/7, as well as weekends and holidays, therefore your customers will speak with a live person despite the time of day or that day it's.

You can ensure that the agents responsive your phones are giving out correct info since you'll be able to give the service with a script and answers to FAQs. For issues outside of the agents' content, you'll have the agents transfer calls to you or take messages.


ACD is Automatic Call Distributor. Leveraging a good ACD is our priority because it allows the team to efficiently route callers to the most suitable agent or department base on the provided information.

Multi-Level IVR

Multi-Level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows call center managers to customize the greetings, menus and prompts so that callers can listen to recordings along with the helpful information and thus can be easily routed to a specific agent or department.

Built-in CRM

Buit-in Customer Relationship Management allows agents to have detailed information about caller i.e. name, mobile number, picture, company and address. In addition to this basic information the agent will also be able to see their call history, call recordings and voicemails in real time.

Agent and Team Voicemail

We leverage optimally configured dedicated phone numbers to ensure that you've your own voicemail. Agent and team voicemails will make it simple for entire teams to keep track of their callers – no matter what time they call.

Real-Time Metrics

In Real-Time Metrics, we provide a dashboard to the agent, which includes data like service level, average wait time, longest wait time, average handle time and the number of available agents so that they can make best decisions with company's best interest in mind.

Historical Reporting

Historical Reporting allows managers to accurately evaluate the performance of each agent, department, campaign and thus entire company. With this transparent historical report, you can actually see the good results towards your business.

Our network of call centers offers a wide array of Inbound and Outbound call center services

Sales|Fundraising|Market Research

Outbound Calls

Outbound Calls – Telemarketing Services

SWATico call Centers conjointly offers outbound call services. You'll be able to have its agents conduct surveys of your existing customers or shoppers. This will be an honest way to see if your customers were glad about the services they've received, and you'll be able to conjointly solicit other forms of feedback. Agents can even call your customers back at a scheduled time to visualize in with them for any reason – like to make an appointment, follow abreast of a previous voice communication or ensure they do not want additional facilitate.

  • Outbound lead generation services
  • Call potential customers
  • Appointment setting
  • Sales Verification
  • Market Research & Survey
  • Product Promotion

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