About Us

Swatico Services is a growing IT services provider that values quality and customer satisfaction above all. Since our start in 2012, we surpassed expectations by taking a major leap from small website development projects to a plethora of web design, web development services, including server administration and PHP and .NET development. Today, our once-small set up has grown into a diversified team of professionals who have skills and experience that guarantee the highest quality of our services. Each expert you interact with is passionate about the project assigned to them; therefore they will put a lot of effort into facing challenges and delivering on time.

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Call Centers

We bridge the gap between you and your customers by providing 24/7 call center service. If your business is at stake because of lack of customer support, you can take our amazing & multi-channel call center service.

Design & Development


We create custom website to suit your business. We are experts in creative responsive websites.

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Mobile Apps

Got an app idea? We can develop it as we are a team of professionals who love to work on new ideas.

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The first looks captures your audience. An amazing design is the soul and key of every product.

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The importance of content has sky-rocketed these days because it generate leads and bring business.

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Software Testing

Interface Testing

Ensure that end user never encounter a problem while using a software.

Acceptance Testing

Performed to make sure the software handles required tasks in real-world scenarios.

System Testing

is actually a series of different tests whose main purpose is to evaluate the system's compliance

Smoke Testing

Initial testing to verify the "stability" of the system in order to proceed

Regression Testing

Regression testing makes sure that there are no new bugs due to changes

Integration Testing

Integration testing involves testing of each individual code to verify interaction

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